Toco Cat Comics First Ever Art-Off!


proudly presents

The First Annual


Every Monday starting today, two or more artists will have an “Art-Off”. Both will draw the same thing, using the same medium. We will post it and you get to vote for your favorite! At the end of the following week, who ever has the most votes wins!
The contest will go for four weeks. At the end of the four weeks, we will tally the total votes and declare the ULTIMATE WINNER OF GLORY of the Toco Cat Art-Off!

We have already randomly drawn the mediums and subjects from a hat-like container.  (note: We decided to do two subjects per week to make it more interesting.)

Week 1:

Medium: Colored Ink

Subjects: Cat, Amazon

1. Catz

2. amazonian_cat

Don’t forget to vote below!


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